Site Details

My initial thoughts for building this site was to do it in wordpress,but to build it myself rather than use a template, so i dove into tutorials on treehouse trying to learn how to build wordpress sites and php. It got a little overwhelming and I realised it was probably a bit too much for just a simple portfolio site so i looked around for a different content management site.

I wanted a simple CMS, one that was easy to understand and use later on. I chose Kirby CMS after hearing it was easy to set up and use.

I found a really good walkthrough here which i found incredibly useful.
It wasn’t as easy for me to get it set up as i thought it would be, although this might be because of my lack of experience with content management systems and very basic php knowledge. I hit a lot of snags along the way but once i figured it out I eventually found it actually is reasonably simple and fits my site perfectly.

It’s also the first site i’ve used git. Mostly because I’ve never really needed to and have always felt it looked too complicated due to it being on the command line. SASS has gotten me a bit more comfortable with using the command line but i still would rather not use it.