Newspaper & Tradepress analysis


Bulletin, which is a specialist communications consultancy working in the investments arena, wanted to demonstrate to clients their detailed knowledge of the financial trade press and national newspapers.

Using research data compiled by one of the media relations team, I produced two separate infographics that enabled clients to compare the circulations of different publications quickly and easily.

Both started out as PDFs. The feedback was so positive we decided to create a responsive one-page site for the national newspaper infographic – this also helped illustrate our ability to communicate often complex information digitally. I redesigned the layout to fit the purpose and coded the site from scratch.

For the trade press infographic we decided to repackage the data in different ways on PowerPoint pages so each publication type (weekly, monthly etc) would be on a single page. This helps clients, working with Bulletin’s media relations team, agree and prioritise the media they need to target.